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Resurrection Rum Infused With Spice
Aged In Surrey Oak

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A rich, smooth subtly spiced golden rum capturing the beauty of Surrey Hills Oak.

Nose: biscuits, warm buttered toast and vanilla notes. 

Palate: Smooth caramel and vanilla biscuits layered with the autumnal flavours of seasoned Surrey oak.

Finish : a touch of pepper as the character of the spices gently reveal themselves.


The rum is double distilled in our copper pot stills, made from Guyanese molasses, lightly infused with spices and then aged in contact with toasted seasoned Surrey oak to impart characteristics of ancient woodland into the spirit.

 Ageing removes impurities and imparts flavours to the spirit. In barrels, this takes years due to the low surface area to volume ratio, but we increase the surface area by shaving the charred oak and accelerate the infusion by heating the cask to 50C. We remove the impurities through double distillation, so we start aging with a very pure spirit, although not too pure as we need to maintain its rum signature.

Contact with too much oak for too long can lead to an overpowering taste. Just like making the perfect pot of tea, our distillers halt the aging process when the spirit has attained its peak, so our rum is rich and smooth with just the right amount of oak.


We use water drawn from an aquifer in the Surrey Hills to reduce the rum to cask strength before maturation and then again to bottling strength.


The result is a smooth, rich golden rum imbued with the beauty of the Surrey Hills.