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The Dark Druid
Chocolate Coconut

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Sweet Stout 5.5%
White Hag say, ‘We have an amazing water source for stouts, and in the past year we have created some amazing pastry stouts. We love pastry stouts, as the huge grain bill and lactose addition allow us to create a base for carrying richer and more interesting flavours, adding layers of complexity to an already intricate beer. This second iteration of our pastry stout combines decadent milk chocolate with the delicate flavours of coconut.

This thick velvety stout is fermented with the sweet flavours of melted milk chocolate, as a base for the creamy yet delicate tropical coconut. The sweetness of lactose and the roast stout finish create a silky and rich mouthfeel, to balance out this luscious
pastry stout.

Tasting Notes:
Appearance: A dark, black silky liquid, with a creamy foam caramel yellow head.
Taste: Tropical Coconut and smooth milk chocolate with a slightly roasted finish
Smell: A cacao, almost dark chocolate aroma, with an unmistakable bountyish coconut nose.
Mouthfeel: A thick, silky feel with soft carbonation.’

330ml can